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Technical Hunting Gear

About us:

The Timbehr brand was born out of necessity, a craving, a wanting to go out there an crush the elements to bring home the prize, yes by prize, I mean delicious wholesome REAL food for you and your family.


No stitch goes uncounted, no shape unstudied (is that a word?), no fabric untested and no backpack unbroken. Yes, you read that right, we intentionally break things by pushing them far beyond their engineered limits, all in the name of discovery and understanding where the weak points are, then we fix ‘em till they won’t break no more! 


That’s why we’re proud of our brand, our products and our ability to deliver to you, the best in class hunting backpacks and gear, for the value.


Our products are made to suffer, so you don’t have to. They’ve been tested until broken, so they won’t break on you. They’re designed to help you get ‘er done, going in light and coming out heavy.


That’s why all our hunting backpacks come with LIFE-TIME WARRANTY! (click here to find out more)

Fast delivery and my backpack is exactly as described, feels great on and quality seems excellent. I will definitely be recommending Timbehr products to my friends and family!